Adjusting the New Schedule

Last month was the start of a new schedule for Aytch 3. Essentially, I cut production in half. Videos every other week, posts here once a month, and progress notes (a Patreon thing) every other week. Since I only have one tier on Patreon currently subscribed to, I don’t have to worry about the benefits for higher tiers yet. I have the pieces in place, and I’m currently considering the frequency of those – though I kept that schedule lighter on purpose, because it does require input from other people. So I think that’s going to stay the same. (If you want to know more, check out my Patreon. You can subscribe at one of 3 tiers, each with increasing benefits.)

The new schedule is one month old, and it’s already a relief. I have learned that the posting schedule I want requires several people. I at least need help on the production side to handle the original schedule (weekly videos, 2 website posts, 4 progress notes). At least a video editor, and possibly some help with the recording process. I will need research and writing assistance to get the production schedule I want (videos twice a week, up to 4 website posts, and 2 progress notes). The amount of work that goes into each script, however short, is still a lot and no one will be able to have that many ideas and get them to the finished state in time.

Until that time, though, it’s still just me. There are some From the Classroom videos coming up – mostly because it’s syllabus writing time, so I’m thinking about it! There are a few videos in the works that require me to go back into my library and figure out which book each bit of information comes from. Sometimes I can find it right away, other times it takes a few hours of digging. I’d like to get more analytical videos up on the channel sooner rather than later, so that’s my focus next week, along with writing my syllabus.

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