Final Countdown

I’m a bit late for this update, for good reason. I’m in the final days of preparing for a research trip to the National Archives and Library of Congress. I’ll be in the DC area for close to 5 weeks. There’s a LOT to get done before then.

I hired an editor for the YouTube channel, and the first video she completed went live last week. I’m really pleased with her work and especially with the collaboration, and this means that Aytch 3 can move forward. Right now I’m staying on the every two weeks posting schedule because of this 5 week trip coming up. I don’t have the mental space to finish more than a couple of scripts in progress, so I’m getting what I can done and off to the editor. Right now I’m set through the middle of October, and I need 5 more to finish out the year. That’s a project for when I’ve arrived in Maryland.

I’m preloading weeks of lecture now, so that when I’m there I’ll only have to grade assignments. I also have to prep for the spring semester, but that’s a story for another day. And probably another video idea, now that I think about it.

The spanner in the works of all of this is that my long term storage device died spectacularly, and I spent a month coming to terms with the loss of 10 years of research materials. Happily, a data recovery service was able to get the raw data back. I have the spreadsheets! I’ll need to rebuild my file storage structure to see what’s missing, but once I do that I can get that stuff pretty easily. (I’m so glib here – it’s over 40,000 images!)

But rebuilding the storage structure is a project for after I’m back from the research trip. I know what my job for November – April is going to be and I’m excited about it! I’ll be able to finish some of the From the Archives scripts I had working because I finally will have the citations back. And I’ll be able to write more.

It’s busy, for sure. I’m still figuring this all out.