Just a short post today. I haven’t been posting for a lot of reasons. Mostly time, and the fact that I have to re-code all my data from the summer’s storage failure. I have all the sources! I have the spreadsheets! I still have to go through close to 50,000 images to figure out what’s what. Additionally, I had to take some time away from screens for a few months. Now that it’s (almost) spring, I’m clear of a lot of the issues that slowed my data recovery.

However, this has driven me to reprioritize this project and my workflow in general. This is a long-winded way of saying this site is now last on the list of things to update. I will be spending the majority of my energy on the YouTube Channel and my teaching work (since that pays the bills). If I’m able, I’ll post here as well.

I have some projects that will take writing out to get them sorted in my head, so that will likely be the focus of upcoming posts. Hopefully I’ll be able to jump back into this project soon.

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